AFTER:WORK — Photography

The Brief

At Bright Arts Agency, we like to provide everything you need to tell your story. So, when we built a new website for AFTER:WORK, we not only created the site, but produced the photography and video that would bring the brands story to life — the brand needed to move beyond products on white background and we knew just what to do…



We found the perfect location (Hackney Wick), beautiful street-ready models, and creative talent(photographer and stylist) for the project. We created a shot-list so that we could ensure we had every product, web page, and look covered.


On the shoot we supervised all the essential elements, keeping the team on schedule, working through the shot lost, and ensuring images were shot in the correct style and format.


We sent the clients a link so they could select and choose their favorite shots. We supplemented their list with our own selects which we knew would like great on their showcase pages. In selective images, we used a colourpop effect to make products and people stand out from their background.

The Result

The brand’s products were framed by cool street-worthy imagery that not only promoted a product, but the cool urban lifestyle that AFTER:WORK helps to make possible. On-site time increased by 100%.

Visit the website of this ethical streetwear brand and see how our content lights up the site and the streets of London.

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