The Brief

Our first project for AFTER:WORK was a traffic generation campaign. When we reviewed the website analytics, we learnt that people visiting the Shopify store were spending less than a minute on the site.

Why? The site’s value proposition was centered on the ethical and practical elements of their products — the fashion and lifestyle aspects of the brands barely featured — a problem exacerbated by Shopify’s limited design & customisation capabilities.

Our client asked us to create an Ecommerce website that would showcase the lifestyle and fashion aspects of the brands offering.

Our Approach

We started by helping our client customer define their ideal customer persona, this would ensure our work spoke to the right audience. Next, our client shared website designs that inspired them.

We designed a cool WooCommerce website (with a streetwear edge) that framed the brand and their products in the best possible light — this included custom showcase pages, which focused on the lifestyle aspects of the product.

Once the framework was approved, we produced fashionable imagery(photographic & video content) that would populate the pages of the site. As a final touch, our talented copywriters added prose and calls-to-actions across the site.

We helped our clients get to grips with their new Ecommerce store. We added page caching, SSL, and CDN — this ensured the site was secure and fast to load around the world. We’ll also be managing and updating their store on an ongoing basis.

The Result

Website visits now last for over two minutes — a 100% improvement. The website strongly communicates the lifestyle, fashionable, ethical, and practical aspects of the brand’s offering. Check out the new website and their cool hi vis bags here.

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