Macnamara asked us to audit their website,  we found that the site was taking 8 seconds to load (which is a long time in this day and age). We also found the current site was lacking many conversion elements essential to a modern website. Our advice: build a new website that search engines will find and love (speed is essential in that regard) — this would also help the business with its long-term goals of traffic and leads generation.


Our philosophy is to break a project down into small pieces the client can approve, in this way there are no surprises are drastic revisions needs. Here’s what we did:

  1. We created a sitemap which listed all the site’s pages and elements.
  2. Next we created a wire-frame utilising the brand’s colour, logos and assets.
  3. Then we added photographs, engaging headlines and the back-end of the site.
  4. Our copywriter turned all the place-holder Latin copy into beautiful English prose.
  5. We added a blog, the first blog post and those important conversion elements — that’ll  turn visitors into subscribers!
  6. We put the site to live(with our own hi-speed server solution) and added the client and their team as users of the site.


The client’s website now loads in less than a second, we’ve also added a CDN and SSL certificate, so that their site is fast around the world and secure.

Visit the website we created for London’s leading IT support company.

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